Sleek Square Wood Leg 4″, Walnut, ALQ4026W


Product Code : ALQ4026W
Product Information
4″H, 1.75-2.5″,
5/16″ screw top,
square wood leg,
Walnut finish, cherry finish, and unfinished also available.
Minimum order 4pc.

It Is Better To Reuse Rather Than Rejecting It
Many people are used to a habit of throwing away any kind of objects which are broken or damaged. There is a better idea than reusing it rather than replacing with a new one. Replacing it with a complete new one will cost you more bucks. It is quite intelligent to reuse. Most of the people used to apply the same theory of throwing their furniture when they are broken or damaged. Here is a better idea to save it for future.

Reuse for future

Just remember the money which you spent for getting that furniture. It is really hard to buy a complete furniture where else it is to throw it off. If the legs of the furniture are broken then it is time to use Replacement sofa legs which are available at online. The online sofa legs are available at affordable costs and people can surely buy it without any issues. It is one of the meekest options to replace your sofa leg when you see an initial damage or crack.

Material of leg

The online genuine e-shopping websites have got both wooden sofa leg and Metal sofa feet. Since people have different liking for their sofa or tables. The online platform has various kinds of legs with minimum prices. Even the length of the table or sofa can be adjusted with the new legs. Even there are new designs of legs especially in wooden ones there are carved ones which can become so useful for people. It is really a thought provoking idea to start reusing the old sofas which your family has been using since long days. Every wooden furniture is a gift of nature and people can reuse it without any issues even they are cracked or damaged. Now it is time for people to think of reusing things.

Additional information

Weight 7 oz


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